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I am first and foremost a teacher and a learner. I have been teaching in international schools since 2000, and am very lucky to have worked with many more schools both internationally and in the United States as a consultant.

Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, as Consultant-in-Residence at NIST,  I am available for a variety of school-based and virtual consulting options. If you’re looking for a dynamic, experienced and quality consultant to support your school’s goals, please click here to send me an e-mail.

Here are some of the ways we can work together:

School-Wide Professional Development

I enjoy working with teachers from different divisons and subject areas to inspire them to use technology in new and innovative ways, to develop connections with colleagues around the world, and to build a personal learning network. As a visiting consultant, I can offer:

  • Technology Coaching for Teachers
  • Hands-on Technology Training
  • Curriculum Development
  • Review and Recommendation for Technology Integration
  • Labsite Workshops in the Classroom
  • Developing a Technology Leadership Team for Technology Integrators/Coaches/Facilitator
  • Weekend Workshops (see below)

Parent Training

Parents are key stakeholders in the school community and appreciate being part of discussions about technology use, both at home and at school. With so many schools adopting and then expanding 1:1 programs, parents and students can struggle to manage multiple devices in the home. From formal presentations, to interactive workshops and hands-on sessions with diverse technology tools, I have been leading parent training in school communities around Asia since 2007. Based on the needs of your school community, these can be “one-off” introductory sessions at pivotal points in your implementation process, or extended weekly or monthly courses around a theme. In recent years, I’ve offered the following sessions for parents:

  • Parenting in a Digital World: A 4-Session Course for NIST Parents
  • Monthly Parent Tech Coffee Mornings at both YIS (for 5 years) and ISB (for 3 years)
  • Living with Laptops for Tokyo International School Parents

Coaching the Coaches

So many of our schools employ full time technology coaches with the goal of transforming student learning through active and engaged professional relationships. Yet, many times these positions can suffer from a lack of support or deep understanding of the role and it’s expectations. Having been a successful technology coach at 4 international schools over 15 years, and staying active in my own professional development throughout that time, I have a wealth of experience and research I can share with your coaching team to help them make an impact in your school.


One- and two-day workshops are a great way to kick-start new conversations in your school community. Spending at least two days together gives us a chance to not only explore new ideas and ways of thinking about technology, but to also try different tools, build solid curricular connections, and share expertise among the group. I am happy to design workshops based on your school needs. As a starting point, I’ve recently offered the following workshops:

  • Transforming Student Learning, at Saigon South International School
  • The Flat Classroom Workshop, with Julie Lindsay, at ASB Unplugged
  • The 21st Century Educator at Shekou International School, China
  • The 21st Century Classroom at Suzhou International School, China
  • Making the Shift Happen at the NESA Fall Training Institute in Abu Dhabi

Keynote and Conference Presentations

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is all of the opportunities we have to share with each other at regional conferences. I feel lucky to be living in Asia where we have a close-knit community of learners, and a wide variety of opportunities to present. I am happy to design keynote and conference presentations based on conference needs. As a starting point, I’ve recently offered the following presentations:

  • Social Media Killed the Hollywood Star at Learning2 2015
  • Making the Connection, Keynote at the ECIS IT Conference in March 2015
  • The Future of Learning: Mobile, Connected Collaborative at TEDxTokyoTeachers


I am a co-founder of the Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy 15-credit post-graduate program, accredited through Buffalo State, SUNY. This program began at the International School Bangkok in Thailand, and has expanded to international schools around Asia, including two cohorts that I facilitated at Yokohama International School. Having facilitated the ISB, EARCOS, YIS and several fully-online cohorts, I am consistently impressed with the innovative, creative, forward-thinking collaborative work of our graduates. The COETAIL program engages participants in new ways of thinking about technology and how it can enhance and support learning. Our team is growing, and we are able to offer local cohorts hosted at your school, as well as our entirely online cohort. For more information about COETAIL, please see our website.

Eduro Learning

I am a founding partner and Director of Learning at Eduro Learning, an international educational consulting firm that offers a variety of services, including consulting, custom-designed conferences, and online courses. Our team has a wealth of experience in international schools and can customize a wide variety of services for you. For more information about what we can offer, please see our website.

The Learning2 Conference

I am a Board member, as well as one of the Advisory team for the Learning2 Conference, an annual innovative face-to-face conference that began in China in 2007, and has now expanded to a regional event in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, soon to open in the Middle East as well!

Virtual Connections

If we are not able to make an in-person visit work, I am happy to present virtually via Google Hangouts or Skype (or your preferred communication method). For me, this is a great opportunity to connect with other educators in areas of the world I may not normally have the chance to visit!

Please see my full list of presentations here.

Photo by Dave Caleb