Parenting in a Digital World

Parenting in a Digital World

A 4-Session Course for NIST Parents

This 4-session mini-course for parents will highlight the changes in today’s learning landscape. Together, we will explore the ways that we are learning and sharing with technology – both within the school setting, as well as in the wider world, and what this means for parents. The course will run from 3 December  – 17 March.

Each session will include discussion-rich activities to structure our conversations and model the way that students are learning here at NIST. We will be prompted by media, articles and resources that prompt an open and honest dialogue about learning in a technology-rich world. Resources from the course will be available online for further research and reflection throughout the course (and beyond). Parents of children in all age ranges are welcome to attend.

The course will include four sessions in total:

Parenting in a Digital World: An introduction to the ways that students are learning in the digital world, how parents can engage and support their children in this environment, and what this means for decision making at home. We will explore research from MIT, as well as key highlights from the big thinkers in 21st century learning, to discover how and why learning may look differently today than it did when we were in school.

Living with Laptops: Managing Devices: We know that developing strategies for maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle in technology-rich school is a key priority for many families. We all struggle to manage our many devices, from mobiles, to laptops, to kindles, to iPods, and everything that comes next. During this session we will share ideas and strategies to help your family build and maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle based on current research, experiences last year and suggestions from families at a variety of international schools.

Understanding Digital Citizenship: In addition to the technology skills that student learn, it is also critical to focus on the “other” side of technology use: behavior, responsibility, and safety. These general skills are referred to as Digital Citizenship. This session will be an introduction to most important concepts in Digital Citizenship, as well as the ways that schools, including NIST, are helping students learn these critical skills and understandings.

Embracing Creativity: Looking Beyond the Tools:  Although technology is great for being productive, we also highlight the use of technology tools to promote creativity, collaboration and communication. This session will feature new creative uses of technology along with ideas for how to support your child’s creativity at home.

Facilitator Bio

These sessions will be facilitated by our Consultant in Residence, Kim Cofino, who is currently working with a number of international schools in Asia and Europe, as well as public schools in the United States.

Kim has been an international school teacher for the last 15 years, having started her career at Munich International School in Germany, continued to KL, Malaysia, then ISB here in Bangkok, followed by Yokohama International School in Japan, and now back to Bangkok as a full time consultant.