Getting Social: Exploring Today’s Communication Tools


From Snapchat to Instagram, this session will focus on the different ways that children (and adults) are communicating today. We’ll do lots of hands on exploring, so you’ll need to come to this session prepared with the necessary apps (Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube Capture, Instagram, Flipboard) downloaded onto your phone, with an account created (and a 4G connection to the internet) so you can give them a try with our support! When you leave this session, you’ll have experienced at least three different social media tools that you can use to connect with your child!

This session has been developed, and will be facilitated by:

  • Kim Cofino, NIST Consultant in Residence
  • Ben Sheridan, NIST Digital Learning Coach



Here are the articles we discussed

Here are the challenges we did:

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